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    and God said, “My people found grace in the wilderness, when they sought for rest.” (‭Jeremiah‬ ‭31‬:‭2‬)

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  3. Emmanuel - G O D W I T H U S // how big is “us”? // #inclusive #EVERYONE #gospel #emmanuel #jesus #christmas

  4. love this city and all the people in it - although I almost got hit by a car while taking this photo. It was totally worth it. #Budapest #mik #home (at Szabadság híd | Liberty Bridge)

  5. All creation shouts the glory of God - we just have to look up and notice, embrace, enjoy them. Seeing the beauty around us is not pretending like everything’s perfect but it’s a decision that instead of our problems we will focus on all the things we can be thankful for. // new project. things I love. because there are so many things to love and to be thankful for. 📔

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    The Adventure Tee - 1924


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  10. London, I missed you. See again you in 2 weeks.